The Brightlands Smart Service Campus handbook

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The purpose of this handbook is to make collaboration on the Campus as pleasant, efficient and easy as possible.

Self-management and service are paramount. All amenities and facilities are listed in alphabetical order in this manual so that they can be quickly found via the ‘HAMBURGER’ menu or the search function on this site.

We think it is important that new residents can start working on the Campus as quickly as possible.
That is why we have listed the steps necessary to realize this here.

Are you missing something or is something not clear? Then report it to Facilities.

1. The start is making agreements with a Business Developer and concluding a contract.

2. Completing an employee list.

3. All employees on the list will automatically receive their username and (temporary) password in their mailbox.

4. Employees change the temporary password into a personal password on the smartport.

5. Employees register with Facilitor

6. Employees receive a virtual access pass through the reception during their first visit to the campus.

7. Employees connect to the SMART WiFi network

Welcome to the campus!

Change: Nederlands